Jaya has been teaching and learning Carnatic Music for several years. She continues to learn music from Sandeep Narayan

Jaya has a Phd in Physics from Purdue. She has worked as a scientist at NASA Goddard and the UW, as an analyst at Amazon and a Data Scientist in Microsoft.  She is currently working as an Analyst within the Research Operations Division at Facebook.

Her scientific research studies include a collaborative investigation with the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center on the impact of Yoga on Cancer. Her current interests are in Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. She is also very interested in studying the impacts of music on the developing brain - and sees this as a fascinating possibility in applying insights about 'Natural Learning' to AI.

What does Anahata Dhwani mean?

'Anahata' is the heart chakra and 'Dhwani' means 'sound' in sanskrit. Anahata Dhwani describes the unstruck sound of creation - the original cosmic vibration


Anahata Chakra

Anahata Chakra